Datura or Jimson Weed and its Clean Toxicity


Jimson Weed, Moon Flower or Loco Weed is the terms used to refer Datura that originates from United States, MexicoSouth America. The main ingredients in Datura are belladonna alkaloids, atropine and scopolamine. It is most often used by young people who are unaware of its reputation and side effects. and

Jimson Weed, Moon Flower or Loco Weed is the terms used to refer Datura that originates from United States, Mexico and South America.

Datura is used by Indians in South America and Mexico as part of their tribal ceremonies. However, the dosages used are so precise and diluted that the risk is greatly reduced

All parts of the plant are toxic. The physical effects are a dry mouth, high temperature with reduced sweating and blurred vision. The so-called pleasant effects or psychological effects are confusion, euphoria and delirium. The state into which someone goes after ingesting Datura has also been called the “waking dream”. Some say it is like having one foot in the living and one foot with the dead. Effects can last for days, and people have been found wandering without knowing where they are or how they got there.

Higher doses lead to poisoning. Symptoms include rapid heartbeat, incoherency and reddish, flushed skin. In extreme cases, seizures, hallucinations and cardiac arrest can also occur. An overdose should be considered potentially fatal and medical help should be sought. However, most deaths from the use of Datura are attributed to the dangerous behavior brought about by the drug. Extreme violence is often exhibited and the user has strength that is way beyond what they are normally capable of.

Because of the unpleasant nature of the “trip”, Datura is usually a one-time experience for most. However, because of the easy availability, it does become a substitute for other drugs such as heroin and cocaine when the drug of choice is not available.

Datura addiction like any other drug addiction can be treated and it requires that the user want the help and is keen to recognize the help from professionals who can guide them through the entire healing process.

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