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Faith-based recovery can help the entire congregation

3 Areas Celebrate Recovery Improved at My Church

By Heather Adams

To say that Celebrate Recovery started a revolution in my church might sound too dramatic, but it has rejuvenated our gathering... Continue Reading


Have You Heard of the Eight-Step Recovery?

By Nina Bradshaw

Eight-Step Recovery is a 3-year-old Buddhist-based recovery program and book co-founded by Dr. Valerie Mason-John and Dr. Param... Continue Reading

The 12-Step Program Isn’t For Everybody and That’s Okay

By Toshia Humphries

Our cognitions, feelings and lifestyles are as diverse as our cultures, languages, races and religions. Therefore, we simply do... Continue Reading

How to Host a Celebrate Recovery Program at Your Church

By Heather Adams

If you have been part of CR and seen its benefits, you may feel a call to host the program in your own church. However, in this... Continue Reading

group of people smiling and clapping during meeting

7 Popular Alternatives to Alcoholics Anonymous

By Nina Bradshaw

If your heart simply isn’t in AA, here are a number of other alternatives in which you may find the support you need for your j... Continue Reading

SMART Recovery: An Overview

By Nina Bradshaw

SMART Recovery is a secular alternative for those looking for assistance in managing their addictive behavior. Learn more about... Continue Reading

SMART vs. AA: 8 Major Differences

By Nina Bradshaw

Breaking down the elements of each program to help you make an informed decision. Continue Reading

Addiction Support Group Information

AA may be the most well-known but there are other support groups that we help break down. Continue Reading

12 Step Alternatives

Although Alcoholics Anonymous and the other 12 Step groups like Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous are the best known re... Continue Reading