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Treatment Center Information

With so many rehab centers available, it's hard to know where to start. Learn about treatment centers and programs to make the process just a bit easier.

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Many people mistakenly rationalize that substance abuse is the result of a lack of principle; that overcoming this issue is a s... Continue Reading

Here are some of the reasons individuals may cite for choosing not to enter a rehabilitation program.

Top 4 Logical Reasons Why Addicts Choose to Skip Rehab

By Audrey Beim No content available.

The so-called 'practical reasons' that the addicted mind refers to in order to avoid treatment are simply rationalizations to d... Continue Reading

The 3-Pronged Approach to Rehab: How Day Treatment, Outpatient and Aftercare Changed My Life

By Jamee Larson No content available.

My failed recovery attempts convinced me that I needed more than the traditional approach. It was only after committing to this... Continue Reading

sober living homes help addicts build a foundation for their sober life

7 Reasons to Continue Recovery in a Sober Living House

By Liemann Valdimar No content available.

Eventually, those who live in sober housing realize that without the prioritized and foundational aspect of transitional living... Continue Reading

man in a treatment center

5 Questions to Ask Before Booking a Treatment Center

By Joanne Chu No content available.

Elise Williams of Tres Vistas Recovery and recovery advocate Jason Wahler provide five basic questions that you should be askin... Continue Reading

6 Inpatient Rehabs That Have an On-Site Detox

By SoberRecovery, Staff Writer No content available.

Here are 6 inpatient rehabs that provide an on-site detox program. Continue Reading

A Personal Account of My 30 Days in Rehab

By Lyn Geist No content available.

Choosing to recover from addiction is one of the biggest, most difficult, but best decisions you can ever make for yourself. Continue Reading

dog in a cage

How to Know Whether or Not to Bring Your Dog to Rehab

By Caitlin Thiede No content available.

While dog-friendly rehab centers are an option, bringing your  best friend with you, sadly, may not be the best thing for eithe... Continue Reading

Should You Bring Your Dog to Rehab?

By Caitlin Thiede No content available.

Your pooch can serve as a source of tremendous comfort in moments of anxiety, withdrawal and isolation. Continue Reading

girl blowing bubbles

The Benefits of Making Rehab Fun

By Hip Rehabs No content available.

Researchers found that making rehab a process more similar to a camp or positive college experience can raise success rates by ... Continue Reading

bearded man stacks coins

5 Options for Making Rehab Treatment Affordable

By Liemann Valdimar No content available.

Treatment programs can be extremely expensive and paying out of pocket for such programs may be an unlikely option. However, th... Continue Reading

person crossing the street with street signs showing arrows pointing opposite directions

Local vs. Out-of-Town Rehab: What’s Best for You?

By Dominica Applegate No content available.

Programs near or far will both certainly help you progress towards sobriety, but location does play a significant role into how... Continue Reading

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment: True or False Edition

By Liemann Valdimar No content available.

Recovering from prescription drug addiction can be a complicated process, but there is hope. We lay out the facts and clarify s... Continue Reading

Rehab Programs: What are Your Choices?

By M. Lujan No content available.

The treatment program you choose can make a big impact on your recovery journey. Find out the difference between short-term or... Continue Reading

A Typical Day in Rehab: What to Expect

By Dominica Applegate No content available.

Wonder what a typical day in rehab looks like? Here’s a quick run through of a basic center’s routine. Continue Reading

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