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Addiction Treatment

Addiction recovery can be a very personal journey. Different cases require different combinations of treatment. Whether you’re interested in detox, relapse warning signs, or the latest in addiction research, staying in the know will help guide you towards the approach that’s best for you.

The Role of Shame in Active Addiction

By Tess Chedsey

Some behavioral psychologists believe that shame leads to more substance abuse, which leads to more shame. Through this, the vi... Continue Reading

Op-Ed: Why Harm Reduction Therapy Remains A Work in Progress

By Colleen Marlett

Do the benefits for the addict's right to use, outweigh the determent of their personal health? Learn about a social movement a... Continue Reading

How Effective are Addiction Interventions?

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Most addicts don't voluntarily enter addiction treatment programs. Some need a nudge from family, friends, or the court system ... Continue Reading

Hypnotherapy for Addiction Recovery: Does It Really Work?

By Dr. Carol Anderson

As a professional technique, it focuses on one’s strengths, allows the patient to be in control of the outcomes, and can offer ... Continue Reading

service dog

How a Service Dog Can Help in Recovery

By Colleen Marlett

Man's best friend may bridge the gap between what triggers an addict to relapse and his or her will to stay sober. Continue Reading

Wes Geer of bands KoЯn and Hed P.E. has founded an organization that uses the creative process of making music to impact addiction recovery.

Former Rock Star Uses Songwriting to Help Addicts Get Sober

By Caitlin Thiede

Listening to music has long been known to treat symptoms of stress and anxiety. We dig deeper into Rock to Recovery's philosoph... Continue Reading

5 Practical Ways to Deal with Temptations

By Colleen Marlett

The allure of addiction is enticing for the addict, no doubt, as it promises to hold the power of relieving many of life’s anxi... Continue Reading

lonely man

What to Do When You Have No One to Turn To

By Leia Rivera

For those who find themselves in this difficult situation, don’t lose hope—there are still ways to go through treatment success... Continue Reading

Woman experiences complete happiness for the first time

The Blessing of Psych Meds in Recovery

By Lyn Geist

Many people in recovery are skeptical about taking medication, but some of us need it to fully get better. Continue Reading

Medical professional conducts motivational interviewing on female ER patient

Minimizing Opioid Abuse Through ‘Motivational Interviewing’

By Timothy Powers

While traditional law enforcement-based methods have largely failed in curtailing addiction and overdoses, cities nationwide ar... Continue Reading

STUDY: The Body's Intrinsic Anti-Addiction Response

By Dominica Applegate

Research suggests that the brain has a natural means of actually reversing the effects of addiction. Continue Reading

Woman forgets to pack essential items in residential rehab

4 Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Residential Rehab

By Leia Rivera

This will be one of the hardest things you'll ever do in your entire lifetime, but your life will be so much better once you ge... Continue Reading

Man leaving rehab with a plan

5 Things to Do to Prepare Yourself Post-Rehab

By Audrey Beim

Re-entering society newly sober will be one of the greatest challenges an addict will face, but with a game plan place, ample s... Continue Reading

How Naloxone Saves Lives

By Tess Chedsey

Narcan, a brand name of naloxone, is controversial even though the drug has proven effective. It's not without negative effects... Continue Reading

woman dances her way to recovery

Dancing Myself Into Recovery: The Benefits of Dance Movement Therapy

By Leia Rivera

One writer shares her experience with dance therapy and the impact it had on her own recovery journey. Continue Reading

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