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6 Benefits of Christian Counseling


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holy bible

There are times in life when you just need the help of professional counseling to get through certain situations. It is nothing to be ashamed of and many would agree that sometimes, we just struggle inside.

For those with Christian faith, there are Christian counselors who use biblical principles in their counseling techniques. However, you don’t necessarily have to be a believer in order to benefit from Christian counseling as its methods and principle interweave both sound psychological theories and faith.

Here’s how Bible-based counseling can deliver you to a successful recovery.

If you’re in addiction recovery, Christian counseling can help you in many ways. When you believe that God, as your Higher Power, can help you get and stay sober, that faith combined with addressing your internal issues may be the thing that fuels you into recovery non-stop.

Here are 6 benefits that you can receive from Christian counseling:

1. Moral Values

Christian counseling promotes godliness, which is one of the virtues that come along with adopting positive values. You’ll get a clear understanding of Christian living as well as advice for living a righteous life. These go a long way in enabling you to live an addiction-free, fulfilling and enjoyable life.

2. Positive Relationships

Addiction typically drives people to stay in poor relationships and burn many bridges. Christian counseling will encourage you to be nicer to the people around you and foster more meaningful relationships. In this regard, Christian counseling focuses on both developing the person as well as promoting loving relationships with all people.

3. Forgiveness

Christian counseling emphasizes forgiveness, a major principle in the Bible. It helps you focus on healing any damaged emotions you may be struggling with by encouraging you to forgive both yourself and those who may have wronged you. Through your faith in the abundant love and grace of God, healing of your emotions can occur.

4. Community

The process of Christian counseling also introduces you to a community of like-minded believers. If you follow the Christian way of life, for example, you have the opportunity to attend Christian churches or a Christian 12-Step group where you can get together with those who feel the same as you. Surrounding yourself with people who are going through the same breadth of emotions and experiences can be helpful in recovery.

5. Love

Christian counseling teaches you about unconditional love. You learn that as Jesus loves everyone regardless of what they’ve said or done, you too can show others that same unconditional love. Through living in love, you can experience a more fulfilling life.

6. Hope

The Christian faith looks forward to a wonderful afterlife in heaven. There, you will know no pain and suffering—only love, joy and peace. As you explore the possibility of life after death, it can give you hope for a beautiful life at the end of addiction.

Counting on your own strength to get or stay sober can be tough, but believing that God can help you is another story. Many people rely on their Higher Power to give them the strength they need in order to maintain sobriety. Whether you practice Christianity or not, Christian counseling can help you realize you’re not traveling through life alone.

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