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elizabeth vargas

Off the Script: Elizabeth Vargas Gets Candid About Addiction, Treatment and Stereotypes

By Joanne Chu

News anchor Elizabeth Vargas speaks to us about her new memoir "Between Breaths" which details her struggles with anxiety and a... Continue Reading

Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood

Dr. Drew and Mike Catherwood's Live Podcast Performance at the Ice House Comedy Club

By Joanne Chu

While the two hosts are no longer picking up the phones for Loveline, viewers can still get a dose of their everyday ramblings ... Continue Reading

moby sitting at a table drinking tea

Moby Gets Honest About Fame, Life and Recovery

By Joanne Chu

In Moby's new memoir "Porcelain," readers have the rare opportunity to get a glimpse of what it’s really like to be him. Continue Reading

10 Inspirational Muhammad Ali Quotes That Apply to Recovery

By Donn Gruta

The boxing champ's most poignant lines spark motivation in those treading down the sober path. Continue Reading


The Media’s Irresponsible Coverage of Prince’s So-Called Addiction

By Toshia Humphries

As the harsh reality of Prince’s untimely exit fully sinks in and our grieving continues, the world is now clouded with a media... Continue Reading


When Doves Cry—Why the Lost Child Deeply Grieves the Loss of Prince

By Toshia Humphries

In memoriam of a legend, and so much more: Prince (1958-2016). Continue Reading

Demi Lovato

6 Celebrities to Follow for Recovery Inspiration

By M. Lujan

The following are 6 famous personalities who can serve as role models in your times of self doubt and offer some inspiration an... Continue Reading

The Unedited Reality of Jason Wahler’s Life in Sobriety

By Joanne Chu

Reality TV star Jason Wahler and his business partner Keenan Diamond share their 6 tips on how to make sobriety a continuous st... Continue Reading

Hayden Panettiere

7 Celebrities Who've Spoken Out About Depression

By Joanne Chu

These public figures used their platform for good by addressing the hard truths of this debilitating illness. Continue Reading

Marc Jacobs

8 People in Fashion Who Struggled with Addiction

By Donn Gruta

It's not all glitz and glamour off the runway. These 8 designers and models have felt the pangs of addiction in the height of b... Continue Reading

Drew Barrymore

5 Famous Women Who Make Recovery Look Good

By Dominica Applegate

These fierce females have been down the hard knocks of addiction, battled the beast but have come out for the better. Continue Reading

Aerosmith in concert

12 Rock Stars Proud to Be Sober

By Elizabeth Seward

Rock and roll is not a place for the squeaky clean. These rock musicians once lived the partying lifestyle but can now attest t... Continue Reading

Philip Seymour Hoffman

3 Celebrity Overdoses in 2014 You Didn't See Coming

By Elizabeth Seward

Sometimes we find out about the severity of a celebrity's addiction when it's already too late. Continue Reading

5 Takeaways From Amber Valletta's Addiction Speech

By Elizabeth Seward

Her speech on addiction that aired over the summer was powerful and filled with useful wisdom on addiction. Continue Reading