Nina Bradshaw

Nina Bradshaw is a professionally qualified social worker and therapist in the UK, where she has thirteen years of experience in the mental health field. She is also in recovery from addiction which gives her a unique perspective on the area of mental health and substance misuse.

Using Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction

By Nina Bradshaw

There's nothing to lose if you try it out. And if it works, then you would have gained a valuable tool that you can use at any ... Continue Reading

Stressful family Christmas dinner

5 Tips for Dealing with Family Stressors This Time of Year

By Nina Bradshaw

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5 Ways to Prepare for a Sober Night Out

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Man in red hoodie thinking about recovery

4 Negative Assumptions That are Disproved in Recovery

By Nina Bradshaw

During active addiction and early recovery, it may be difficult to think of how we will cope without our drink or drug. But as ... Continue Reading

bird's eye view of a line between two people

5 Ways to Tactfully Verbalize Boundaries

By Nina Bradshaw

Saying "no" isn't always easy. Here are 5 quick and simple strategies to help you send a clear message when trying to establish... Continue Reading

5 Ways to Break Free From Perfectionism

By Nina Bradshaw

People who are perfectionists tend to like being in control, but experience a great deal of emotional stress when things go hay... Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Share Your Story

By Nina Bradshaw

The purpose of your journey doesn't have to just end with you. Continue Reading

'AMY' MOVIE REVIEW: A Glance in the Dark

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Directed by Asif Kapadia, the documentary on Amy Winehouse gives an up close and personal look at the rise and fall of a broken... Continue Reading

Addicted to Sobriety: Just Say Yes

By Nina Bradshaw

It's time you put the same effort into your recovery as you once did with your addiction---you have to crave it. Continue Reading


Too Much or Too Little: Finding the Right Balance in Your Relationships

By Nina Bradshaw

As you care for yourself and others, it's easy to fall into the extremes of isolation or codependency. Find out if your once-he... Continue Reading