Sober Living

4 Facets of Life That Get Sweeter in Sobriety

By Audrey Beim

There are dozens of reasons to feel thankful for your sober life. Here are 4 of the many areas you'll find betterment and joy. Continue Reading

10 Non-Pharmaceutical Ways to Treat Insomnia

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep? If so, which of these remedies have worked for you? Continue Reading

4 Things to Keep in Your Sobriety Scrapbook

By Elizabeth Seward

Even if you've never created a scrapbook before, it's never too late to put one together and see if it's something you'll enjoy... Continue Reading



5 Types of People to Stay Away From for Sobriety's Sake

To maintain your sobriety, you may have to cut ties with negative eople. Here are 5 personalities to stay away from as you stri... Continue Reading

Identifying Those Who Support Your Recovery

By Elizabeth Seward

Surrounding yourself with people who support your recovery is an important part of staying clean. Learn how to identify those w... Continue Reading

Is Human Connection the Answer to Addiction?

By Dominica Applegate

There's a new theory gaining popularity about why so many people are addicted to things like booze, drugs, sex, food, etc. and ... Continue Reading


In the News

What We Learn From Steve Sarkisian’s Fall

By Audrey Beim

And what we should have seen coming. Continue Reading

5 Radical Statements Made About Addiction

By Audrey Beim

Here are 5 of the biggest statements made about addiction over the past 20 years. Continue Reading

Can Light Stimulation Be a Substitute for Painkillers?

Administering opiate drugs is the primary method for managing severe pain. However, a recent experiment suggests that light st... Continue Reading


Kids & Drugs

A Safe Haven to Recover in College

By Joanne Chu

Organizations like The Haven at College make sobriety both fun and easy on campus. Continue Reading

How to Be Sober and Strong in College

By Elizabeth Seward

Unfortunately, binge drinking every weekend have become part of college culture—but it doesn't have to be the default way. He... Continue Reading

3 Questions to Help Gauge Your Trust in Another Parent

By Elizabeth Seward

Leaving your child to another adult’s supervision may be uncomfortable, but spending some time with the individual can help e... Continue Reading


Personal Stories

My Not-So-Typical 5 Stages of Grief

By Cassandra Huerta

Dealing with the death of a friend from your past life may not always take you down the Kübler-Ross model of grief. A writer s... Continue Reading

Prevention Starts at the Table: Why Family Dinners Do More Than You Think

By Audrey Beim

The National Center of Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University recently released a series of studies that j... Continue Reading

Community Poll: Who is the biggest, most important influencer in your life of recovery?

Our forum members show just how varied voices of influence can be. Continue Reading


Family & Friends

6 Ways Friends & Family Can Support an Addicted Loved One

If you have a loved one in recovery, your love and support can make a tremendous difference in their path towards change. Here ... Continue Reading

Are You an Enabler?: Here’s How You Can Tell

By Tess Chedsey

The terms “enabler” or “codependent” have negative connotations, but those who exhibit these behaviors are often loving... Continue Reading

6 Steps to Loving the Addict in Your Life

By Dominica Applegate

It's not always easy to love the addict who has exhausted your patience. Here's how you can stay sane and happy as you care for... Continue Reading


Healthy Living

7 Ways to Keep Your Immune System Strong in Recovery

By Audrey Beim

When the body's immune system is deficient and a person abuses drugs or alcohol, there is significant added risk of contracting... Continue Reading

5 Small Steps to Healthier Eating Habits

By Benhilda Chanetsa

Developing healthy eating habits takes time but once established, they help rebuild a body ravaged by addiction and manage cond... Continue Reading

3 Herbal Teas for Staving Off Cravings

By Elizabeth Seward

If you’re seeking some sort of stimulation, don’t waste your efforts towards recovery by relapsing. These 3 herbal teas can... Continue Reading



Why the Fight Against Marijuana Legalization is a Senseless Battle

By Tess Chedsey

The drug has medicinal purposes, low rates of addiction and the potential to be an American economic cash cow. Continue Reading

Josh Hamilton's Relapse: The Right Course of Action

By Audrey Beim

What should the verdict be for the Angels' superstar? Continue Reading

The Foundation of Frat Culture: Is It Brotherhood or Alcohol?

By M. Lujan

Examining an issue that has affected campuses nationwide. Continue Reading



I think a loved one has a drinking problem. What do I do?

Professionals and everyday people give their unique perspectives. Continue Reading

How do I deal with anxiety without drinking?

Even normally sober people can easily be driven to drink because of anxiety. For those of us who are not normally sober, we mus... Continue Reading