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Angry Please help me find a suboxone doctor that isn't a crook

I live in Mass and I have Masshealth for insurance. I am having an unbelievably hard time finding a doctor that accepts my insurance. All I ever hear from doctors is that, this is a cash only program. Usually something like 300 to 500 hundred for the first visit and 100 to 200 hundred for every visit after that. I've actually come into contact with a few doctors that do take Masshealth but if you want suboxone then they do not take it. I had to think about this for a second but this does not make any sense to me what so ever accept that most doctors are trying to take advantage of heroin addicts.
I got out of detox 1 week ago. As any heroin addict knows my cravings are unbelievable. To combat them I have been going to NA. But sometimes I feel that I am holding on by a thin thread. I am someone that has been trying to get off of heroin for 12 years. I have been in and out of so many detox s. At one point I had 3 years of recovery and yet here I am again.
I really need help from someone. PLEASE anyone that has Masshealth and knows where there is a doctor that accepts this insurance, without being a crook, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. To all who have read this, thank you for your time
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You're never alone!!
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Hi PJ,,

Welcome to SR... Great to have you here. I hope that you stick around..
I understand your frustration. The problem is that, there are so many people out there that want to get on suboxone and so few doctors that prescribe it.

Have you done a search on the internet for all the doctors in your area, and the surrounding areas that prescribe sub? There is a site on the net that does list doctors according to state. I believe it's a government website. That would be a good place to start.

Keep going to those meetings, and if you can, go to more meetings. You said you were in recovery for 3 years before, that's wonderful,, were you using NA as a support system then? You can do this,, I know those cravings are tough, but remember that,, that's just what they are, cravings. When you have one, get up and do something, or type here at SR, something to change what you are thinking about.


Don't tell God how BIG your addiction is, tell your addiction, how BIG our GOD is!!
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Boy do I hear you as a x heroin addict who relapsed not so long ago. It is powerful and I have moments where I consider the whole suboxone thing myself. But if you can just hang in there I think you will be better off in the long run. I am telling you what I need to hear right now!
I just so KNOW the struggle and the does not just disapear and we have to deal with it.SUCKS. But at least we are not alone.!!! Keep going to meetings and I am too!!
love north
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I also live in Massachusetts and have the same insurance as you do. I had my final appointment with the doctor this afternoon and on Monday is my induction appointment. So I'll start the suboxone on Monday and then go back into the office for the next 2 days for the dose and then I take them at home.
I'm not sure you'd even be able to get on it when you find a doctor because you have to be in withdrawl when they give it to you - so where you are clean...I'm not sure you are a candidate.
In any event, there are PLENTY of doctors in Massachusetts that have had the training to prescribe Suboxone. I believe that on the suboxone website there is a physician finder that you could look up a local doctor that prescribes it. Mass Health may also have a list.
I believe that your problem with finding a doctor that Mass Health will cover is very easy to "fix." You need to locate a Doctor (One that is taking new patients) and ask that doctor to be your Primary Care Physician.....they will only prescribe the suboxone and charge Mass Health IF they are your PCP - otherwise they will only accept cash.
It takes 24 hours for the new PCP to be changed within Mass health.....then you are good to go....that is - IF you can get a doctor to prescribe it to you while you are clean.....and I tend to think that you will not find one that will do that.
But good luck.

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There are next to none, maybe one or two in all of mass

They all charge cash and, can now take 100 patients each instead of thirty also the rule about one doctor per institute (as hospital) is no longer enforced, rarely are the doctors drug specialists just MD's that took a class. This is what is needed to prescribe suboxone for addiction but any doc can prescribe Subutex and I also believe Suboxone w/out license if its for pain, it is a schedual c drug and can have refills etc. Pre Suboxone drugs as BUPRINORPHINE the drug in suboxone was and still is legally prescribed.
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don't have long but wanted to say welcome! And correct can absolutely get on suboxone with a week clean time under your fact it may work even better. The reason an active opiate addict needs to be in w/d for suboxone induction is b/c if you have opiates in your system - the sub will 'knock' those opiates off the receptors to get in there - causing what is referred to as 'precipitated withdrawal'...sub is a strong med! If you have no opiates in your system (working on your receptors that is) all the better for the subs to 'plug 'em up' (the receptors, so to speak) -blocking other opiates from being worth a damn and curbing your cravings which is one of the main goals w/suboxone and seems to be what you're lookin' for right now! No quick fix - but it will give you some time to kick those behaviors and in turn the cravings. Please PM me if you need clarification and good luck!! keep posting!!
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I wish that I could help you more concretely, but one thing I would advise you to do is keep on searching and don't let anyone downplay your cravings. I'm not trying to disrespect any previous posters, but its the cravings that sent many an addict to a death in an alley with a needle in their arm. I relapsed over and over and over- with people continuously telling me that my cravings were a result of "not working a good enough program." I've been on Suboxone for three months now and I truly consider it a miracle. If someone placed a needle full of Oxycontin on my bathroom counter I would simply find the nearest sharps container! Sure I'm going to have to come off of it, but I plan to do so over the course of a year so I'm not real worried. You should be able to find a doc soon enough with Mass. being a medical hub- I've lived there. God bless.
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The fees you posted are pretty similar to just about any Dr. you will go see except for a few that are much more expensive for some reason. As for insurance I have no idea what to tell you. My insurance didn't cover it so it came right out of my pocket. My advice to you would be to call around to other Dr.s and see if they will accept your insurance.

Although if you are already clean I don't know why you would want to go on a narcotic such as suboxone. I know you can live a better life on it than on opiates and it takes away cravings but in the end most people are using suboxone to get clean in the first place. If you are already there why put yourself through another withdrawl unless you are trying to stay on it for life.

If you were once clean for 3 years you obviously know as time goes by it gets better and cravings begin to diminish. You just need to follow some kind of regime such as meetings, working out, etc. Something to fill that void. Give it time

I wish you luck.
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thanks Anvil -- I always try to keep an eye out for that but I totally missed it! (uuuhhhh...i mean---yeah, yeah --- I already knew that, duh!)
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Mass health and Suboxone Program

This place is legit and great. Dr. Carol Waldman at Boston Medical Center (BMC). Be warned their is a long waiting list. All insurance accepted. My visits were a $15 co pay and my prescription for 45 8 mg was $20 a month. It is state runned fort the homeless but they take all pateints.
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