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How much does Suboxone cost?

My son is addicted to Roxys and I was wondering in general how much the medication costs. I realize the other costs of the doctor and such. I just was wondering the ball park cost of the drug. TY for your help.
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A BOTTLE OF 30 8MG GOES FOR AROUND 350 IN MY STATE. Of course,you can buy generic for far, far less under the name Buprenorphine.

I have insurance, so SUBOXONE is 80 a month, bupe is $5....big diff. If money is a problem, i believe GENERIC low dose is the way to go. But the doctor visits will be costly. AND, at least at first you will have to go every month to a visit, in order to get a refill. I get mine from a psychiatrist, who DOESN'T take insurance (none do) so in reality, though i pay 5 for the meds, I pay another 175 per month for a 45 minute visit.

Good luck, mam, having a child with a habit is an awful, awful thing....and please try to remember that THIS problem is one that is often better handled with tough love, as much as it hurts. I know from experience. THank god my wife can use the tough love routine, I know I couldn't ,, and I would have made things worse.
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Thank you for the response. I'm told many insurance companies will help pay for the drug, but not the doctor visits. He is set up for an initial visit for $450., follow up is a $150. Yes it is very expensive in Florida as well. I was hoping to avoid insurance for the medication, but at that cost I may not be able. Just wanted to keep his addiction below the radar of insurance.
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You can get a coupon for $75 off every month for the film strips, but it is only good thru the end of March (could save you 150 bucks though if you get it for Feb and March). You should be able to google it and find it online or the doctor might give your son a card.

I am not sure who told you about the insurance, but I would double check that (many psychiatrist do take insurance). Supporting an addict can get VERY VERY expensive and this might just be the tip of the iceberg. That is noble of you wanting to keep it below the radar, but no reason to just throw money away.

Just remember this drug is in no way a "cure". It is a "replacement" (substitute). It is intended to get the user stable enough to work some form of recovery program and learn how to live life without having to turn to drugs.

I recommend you check out the FRIENDS AND FAMILY forum on this site. You will find a lot of support over there.

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Around here, an 8mg tab of suboxone is approx $8. NB subutex is a bit higher, while generic is around $3/8mg tab.
Tom S.

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TY Marcus you make some very good points.

tsmba, I appreciate the info.
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Wow! I've been on subs for 2 yrs and didn't know they had cheaper generics. TY
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Mine cost me with a 45$ discount card 167$ for 30 8mg films
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Welcome to SR....

Here is the link to the Friends and Family forum mentioned above

Friends and Family of Substance Abusers - SoberRecovery : Alcoholism Drug Addiction Help and Information

when 2 of my young adult children were active in their various addictions
I found Al anon immensley helpful for myself...
Each Day Sober Is A Victory!!
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I searched and found someone who took my insurance and had coupons for the co pay which was only 30.00 a month so it covered the whole thing and I only had to pay 30 for the doctor visit. Just do your research and you will find someone!!
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Hey. I pay 150 per follow up visit and my prescription for 60 8MG films a month is only $15 with my insurance. Best of luck to your son, you may be saving his life!!
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Some insurance will pay for both doc visits and Suboxone but usually limit it to one year from initial visit. They are assuming you need help detoxing and are not planning to spend the rest of your life dependent on Suboxone. Some doctors won't accept your insurance because they want the cash payments and DO expect you to spend the rest of your life dependent on Suboxone. They will usually only give you a 30 day supply and require another visit to get your next script. If you find the right kind of doctor and PROVE YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING OFF THE BOX after the first couple months, they will taper you slowly and give you 90 days supply...which you will turn into more because younger continually taking less than prescribed. But you can't blame the doctors...the maker of Sub recruits them by promising a steady supply of cash customers and plenty of addicts try to game them and continue to use drugs and divert supply. I was lucky and got a "good" doc and detoxed after a year.
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I'm glad i live in Australia. Dr is free no matter how often you see them and Sub prescription is subsidised by the government, just have to pay the pharmacy $25pw for dispensing it.
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Talking RE: How much does suboxone cost

I have been on suboxone for almost 11 months now. I currently live in Olympia and my Suboxone Internal Medicine Doctor ******* is in Puyallup,WA. I have Blue Regence Blue shield, and my insurance doesn't kick in until I meet a $5,000 deductible. So this January my prescription is renewing and my deductible won't be good any longer until I reach another $5,000 deductible. It is costing me about $9,500 a year to be on Suboxone Strips. I am on 1 1/2 a day right now which is 45 strips a month in a pill bottle when I pick them up from my pharmacy. I am paying about $15.00 a strip after everything is said and done. So don't think suboxone is going to be going down in price anytime soon. I have seen it on the streets lately for $10-12 a strip or pill, pills cost more in my pharmacy, they are name brand, as strips are considered generic my pharmacist told me.

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last time I paid out of pocket the script alone was 425 for a month. It may have gone down since then
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Wink RE: How much does suboxone cost

Yes suboxone is about $12.50 a strip at my pharmacy I think $15.50 for pill form which I started out on 3 strips a day. 2/8mg bupe
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How much does suboxone cost?

My doctor had a coupon for a 4 month free supply. Also there are coupons up to 1/2 off. The strips have worked for me. Was on 1200 30 mg of Oxycodone for around 20 years for 24 hour headaches and 2day twice a week migraines. My doctor after all these years said "enough"...and I went off cold turkey w/out help. Finally aksed...actually begged for help...Suboxone worked great...hopefully I can find my way off that, but if not, I take Suboxone for life if I can get those free coupons...if not...yikes!
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Post keep looking

After looking high and low i have found a Dr whom takes my insurance co pay of $25. I pay anout $90 for 90 8/2mg pills thru the local hospital in house pharmacy. Always check with your local hospital's pharmacy as most are not for profit just like the hospital and I have found they are 50% lower on most "uncommon" scriprts. Even my sons adderall is only $5.33 for 60 pills. To find a Dr whom will take your insurance just call around to your local rehabs - most rehabs will bend over bsckwards to help a addict. I called mine and they found me a Dr and then they got my insurance to pay for me to go to rehab with zero out of pocket.

Clean and FREE! Jeff
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