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Goodbye letter to my addiction

A friend at NA asked me to write one of these, thought I'd share it with you all:

A letter to drugs:

Dear Pills,
I haven't talked to you much the past 55 days or so, although you've certainly been trying to interrupt my recovery and life at every turn. I don't miss you at all, I have to say.
You almost got it all from me. You almost had my house, I was at the end of my financial rope when I stopped giving you my money.
It'll also please you to know, evilness, that you had me staying in a bad relationship just to keep you around me at all times.
You had me neglecting everything good, my beloved and precious family had to fix their own food, live in a messy house, do their homework alone, while they wondered for 10 months "What is wrong with Mom?" They never blamed you, though, they thought you were helping me, you sneak. You even had me neglect my lovely little dog, not walking, playing, or bathing her. I stayed in my bedroom, alone with you, worshipping you in the dark, while my life went on with out me. You almost got me to give you everything. I even traded my body for you on two occassions. You had all my self-respect.
And the worst thing is, you didn't even had to take these things, I gave them to you willingly, even eagerly. You were so sneaky, so conniving, so deceitful that I though you were my best friend, my chemical love. I gave you almost a year of my life.
No more. I'm not giving you one more second of my time, not one precious second. I'm also taking back everything I ever gave you and more. You'll hate to here that I'm not alone anymore, I've got real friends. We're standing in a circle with our arms around each other so you can't get in. If I ever see you again, it'll just be when I'm pushing you away from someone else who's struggling against you. You've lost your hold on me, and I'll pray and remember every day of my life so that you never get a hold of me again. You s@ck, and I hate you. Goodbye forever,
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KJ - Thank you for that post. That letter was really good! I think that's a great idea to write that letter. Thanks for helping me to remember what alcohol has taken from me. Very inspiring!
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Thank you so much for this share! You are so strong!

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That brought tears to my eyes, literally. It was as if you were confronting the devil himself...his cunning nature, what he'll do to hook you and keep you on the line. You have such a clear understanding of how the drug affected you and those around you.

I really loved the part about being in a circle of safety with your friends. I also was moved by the part about if you see the pills again, how it would be from a different perspective...one of repelling the drug to help save another.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring me to write a letter of my own.
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That is great
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I'm so glad you guys got something from my letter. If anyone decides to write their own goodbye to alcohol or drugs letter, post it here so I can read yours too, if you like. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by kj3880 View Post
You s@ck, and I hate you. Goodbye forever,KJ
Nothing like a good ole kicking to the curb. See Ya. BuBye. Outta here. Tostada. Ciao Y'all!!!!!

That was good.
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That was a wonderful thing to share KJ! Thanks for allowing all of us to be a part of it. Writing a goodbye letter seems like a great idea. Perhaps, soon, I'll be able to write my own.

You are doing a great job KJ!! Keep up the good work and stay strong!



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Old 11-16-2008, 05:09 PM   #9 (permalink)

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Thanks Kj! I really enjoyed your letter. I'm writing yet another good bye letter (this will be either the third or fourth one I've written) I have to write it for my I.O.P. group but I really enjoy writing them. I'll be sure to post it for everyone. Thanks again Kj! It was a great letter.
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I have one too.

Dear dope,
One day, I will find every single growing papaver somniferum specimen of every single species and burn you all with fire and salt the earth you grew on.
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