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coke and erectile dysfunction

I have been shooting coke for about 20 years, I'm 45 now, I quit 3 months ago. I can rarely get an erection now without viagra. I am scheduled to see a urologist but wondering if this has more to do with my drug use than the aging process.
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99% mental 1% physical

I would tend to say that in part, as we get older our mental thoughts mature.
If you remember back to a time of being about 14 or so... things happened with just the wild thoughts of a new teenager. We are now more mature in our thought.
Never did any hard drugs so I can't speak for how they could play a part in things but I do have 6 years on you and can say that age does have something to do with such matters. Yup right around 45 or so.
Coffee (caffine) is something most people overlook that can be a part of things as well.
Talk it over with the Dr. and you may find a diet adjustment could be all that is needed.
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Yep. Coke will do that to you, (and your little captain.)

I did the same thing when I was wrapped up in Coke, I stocked up on Viagra.

BTW, welcome to SR.
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Originally Posted by best View Post
Never did any hard drugs so I can't speak for how they could play a part in things but I do have 6 years on you and can say that age does have something to do with such matters. Yup right around 45 or so.

What? Starts around 45? I'm 44. So I only have one more year? Damn, I hope not. I never really had a problem even when using. Just couldnt get off. Everything is working just fine today. Man, I really do hope the women on this board are not coming in here. Anyway, welcome to SR. Congrats on 3 months. Keep it up. LOL. Now thats funny. Sorry man. No really, I'm coming up on 2 years and can say life is so much better clean. I wouldnt trade this for anything.
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I'm 48, recovering alcoholic and never had any problems involving sex. I occasionally cant get off when tired, that's about it. I have a friend who snorted coke for a long time, I met him in a program recently, he said he couldn't get off at all on coke although he could get hard. He's hoping this will pass now that he has given up the coke.
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A hooker once told me that coke messes with your ****. Either people can't get it up, or they can't get it up without it. I think crystal meth does something similar... like people can't have sex without meth once they are sober. I guess any drug that affects your entire body affects you sexually too.
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My advice is to try not wanking for long periods of time. work out a lot, anything to get your masculine juices flowing. Also a Good idea is to expose yourself to lots of pheremones from other women.Now obviously a stripper joint would be an obvious trigger. but maybe a massage parlor?
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Hi all. I'm 54 yo and noticed some issues in this area myself.
after a little checking around i found that there are suppliments with yohimbe bark, gensing, and goatweed in them that really help out!!!!!!!
All the best, Rich

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E.D. is more common than most men would like to believe or admit. I'll be 51 in June and have been experiening sporadic bouts of E.D. since I turned 40. I've been clean off of coke for almost 10 years and have sought professional advice and treatment for this problem. I first thought, as Best said, that it was mental - especially since it didn't happen with every woman I dealt with. But after talking with doctors I was told that most men experience some sort of erectile dysfunction (65% or more) once they reach the age of 40. Lifestyle can and does play a major role (exercise, diet, cigarette smoking, etc...) and men with certain diseases are more likely to be affected. If you have diabete or hypertension, your chances are greater, not to mention most medications for treatment of these diseases hinder blood flow to the penis and increase the chance for E.D. I'd suggest seeking professional advice if it occurs too regularly for you.

Oh yeah...I've been prescribed Levitra, but rarely use it. Viagra and that other stuff made me dizzy.
~Garry W. ~
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