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nodding off?

I keep reading about nodding off? Is that atfer a binge, or just anytime they are not using? My abf hs days where he sleeps on and off all day. He gets off the couch only to eat popcicles and candy. hmm never really thought about it...just thought he was lazy!
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Nodding Off!!

Well My Hubby Will Be Eating And He Nods Off, Or As He Says "closes His Eyes" For A Second. He Will Be Reading
A Magazine And Nods Off While In The Process Of Turning
A Page. The Kids Will Be Talking To Him And He "closes His
Eyes" While In Conversation.
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Well when my rabf was using h. He would literally nod off just sitting, talking, eating, etc. not because he was tired, my god he just slept half the day away! he nodded off because his body just couldn't handle what he was doing. I guess his body felted "well if i can knock him out. i might have a chance to recover from all this abuse he is doing." I often thought about his poor body and brain when he was actively using. the body can do amazing things when it has too, no?


"If you would one day renovate yourself, do so from day to day. yea let there be daily renovation"~confusian Analects
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I remember watching my daughter nod off due to opiates several times. She tried to tell me she was tired. Sorry, but an opiate nod looks nothing like nodding off from being truly tired. Her bottom lip would go slack and she would get that half-lidded dead look in her eyes. I wish I could tape it happening and someday when she gets into recovery play it for her so she could see why I feel such horror at watching her destroy herself. Marle
"If we all knew the answers, there would be no need for questions."
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overit263 (10-11-2015)
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"Half-lidded dead eye look!"

So so so true. My bf had this all the time!!! I finally had to slap myself and stop distrusting myself when he was slurring at 7:30AM on his way to work.
There is no need for a 25 year old man to be nodding off at 7:00PM unless he has narcolepsy.

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grateful rca
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crack was my doc, and it can keep you awake for a long as you are using basically, but when crashing, if and when you finally can sleep, its for a couple days, and off and on for about 5 days, i guess. i don't think its the same with heron users like the others say.

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Users of heroin and other opiates can nod off (fall asleep sitting up) in the middle of almost anything. Driving. Cooking. Eating out. Taking care of the kids. It was one of the most embarrassing and dangerous parts of my sister's addiction.

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there are alot of different drugs that make you nod off while others will make you hyper. it depends on the drug you are doing.also after they have been on a high for a few days with no sleep, they are just plain down right tired...lol...

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My husband would get what I called the "deer in a headlight look". A blank stare. It drove me crazy when he would look at me like that.
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Everyday I would drive my as to and from school, (as I wouldn't let him drive my car due to so many accidents) and he would pass out in the car the whole ride home and then get into bed when we got home and sleep the day away and then be up all night. It was a vicious cycle.
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I noticed at the height of my husband's using heroin, right before I found his needles, that he developed this annoying habit of closing his eyes in the midst of conversation...he'd just very softly close his eyes, and get this expression on his face kind of like a parent that's disapproving of you. It was the most ANNOYING thing EVER, even before I knew it was a side effect of heroin.
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everything is already ok
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Opiates tend to have the nod off effect, while uppers make you wanna run up mountains.
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The nods scare me to death. We were eating at wendys and he actually fell asleep with his fork in his salad. I think that is when he OD'd on methadone. I hate drugs
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overit263 (10-11-2015)
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My RAD told me about one of the times she kept nodding off. She was trying to type on her laptop. She said it took her forever to type a sentence b/c of it. bren, that "deer in the headlights look" , I love doing that to my boss when I don't understand something.
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can ; and wisdom to know the difference.
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My fiancé does this all the time. He also says he's just tired but nods out while he is over s stove or smoking. It can be very dangerous. How did you guys handle dealing with this? It kills me to look at him when he's like this. I don't know how to help him. He has an opioid addiction. We have a 5 week old baby and two year old son and he is getting very out of hand. Every time I attempt to talk to him he loses it. He's been using for 3 years. His family is aware of it and so are his friends ( unfortunately they use too). He's done an evaluation for rehab but never went. I'm begging to feel hopeless and am not sure how to handle this. I don't want to drive him to a worser point by leaving him but I also can't continue to live in this nightmare with my children. He acts out and has crazy mood swings.
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Slanee, this is a very old thread. Might help if you started a new one.

You leaving can't make him worse. Get your children to a safe environment!!!!
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SadWife7 (09-29-2015)
Old 09-24-2015, 10:16 AM   #17 (permalink)

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When my husband was using he would nod off at the dinner table...mid sentence. Or he would be leaning over the boys bed saying good night and just close his eyes with a disgusting smile on his face. At the time I thought he was doing this because of his klonopon. He told he had taken an extra one that day and I believed him. I was so naive. Makes me so angry...it was heroin.
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When my ex was using opiates, he would be exhausted all the time...he'd fall asleep during anything. Passing out at 8pm, because he was "tired..." another tell-tale sign of him using was when he'd eat an excessive amount of sweets (ie: popsicles, candy, cookies, lots and lots of soda...) he was craving the sugar...not sure if it correlates to the "come down" or being high...but that's what always caught my eye after every relapse.
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