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  3. Pain
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  6. my dr switched me from perc 10mg, to morphine and perc, help
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  9. Fentanyl
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  11. Really glad this is here
  12. *Problems*
  13. My pain dr just got arrested! My apt was next week what do i do?
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  16. scared
  17. Nutrition for NASH/ASH
  18. Frozen shoulder
  19. Spinal Cord Stimulator all done - Update!
  20. quitting oxy even though prescribed for pain
  21. Side benefit of a Spinal Cord Stimulator
  22. Things NOT to Say to Someone with Chronic Pain
  23. seeing a pain dr, still in pain,
  24. Spinal Cord Stimulator all done!
  25. This isn't "chronic" pain, but..
  26. Going insane
  27. I have lupus and I'm and addict
  28. frustrated and scared
  29. I'm Done
  30. sobriety after surgery
  31. Please welcome sloanedog
  32. Anyone diagnosed with Opioid-Induced Hyperalgesia?
  33. 42 days but struggling with back pain, grrr
  34. pain management advice? shoukd i stick with my dr? other questions.
  35. going to a pain clinic today, depressed,no immdiate release oxycodone?
  36. I have terminal cancer
  37. High tech pain management w/o pills
  38. pain management
  39. 23 old,hit by car,hopeless,this is no way to live, plz just read.
  40. Need shared experience of non-opiate pain medicine
  41. got no more dr, looking for a primary dr, what do i tell them?
  42. dr dropped me, pain managment denied me, got no primary care dr ,what do i do?
  43. doctor told me to stop seeing him, havent been accepted by pain managmnet yet.
  44. new here
  45. Disabled veteran
  46. Hepatitis C
  47. Bilirubin count 2.4, anyone had problem with bilirubin?
  48. Damned if you do... chronic pain and vicious cycle
  49. Acromegaly, Migraines, Marijuana
  50. Hives on my skin related to alcohol?