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Alcohol and high blood pressure

Hi, I have seen it numerous places that alcohol particularly binge drinking raises blood pressure. In fact it is one of the things that scared me enough to quit (only day 13). Anyone have any experience? If you quit drinking will your blood pressure come back down? Is there hope? I plan to see a doctor in about 6 weeks. At least with alcohol out of the picture, I can tell the truth and address the issue. The last time I was in to the doctor about 2 years ago I lied about my alcohol use. I feel I need to fess up this next time.
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I started taking medicine for my high blood pressure about 11 years ago. It was scary high when I found out. I quit drinking almost 3 years ago. I quit taking blood pressure medicine about 8 months ago. It is picture perfect in the morning,but creeps up some during the day. (caffeine and salt). But it's low enough I don't take medicine anymore.
Sooo,while it didn't drop in a few weeks it did return to almost normal. I drank for 30+ years,so I really didn't expect it to happen overnight. But I was also very surprised when after over 2 years it came down. (I have always tested it from time to time by not taking my medicine) I bought a cheap but accurate machine for under 50 bucks when I found out I high BP.
I wasn't a binge drinker,but I drank at least a 12 pack every day.
It IS true that this "crap" raises your BP.
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Hi Lucy

Drinking definitely raised my BP - to dangerous levels - but it came back down to normal after I quit drinking, smoking, and not doing much in the way of exercise.

Noone here can tell you what might happen or not happen in your case tho, so it's a really good idea to get checked out by a Dr - and I'd do it as soon as possible.

I know it's scary but why wait? - get checked out and you can set your mind at ease


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I have been on BP pills for 15 years. Seven years ago, my doc added a second BP pill to control it. It was nothing to wake up in the AM and have a bottom #of 120. I stopped drinking and smoking cigarettes 10 months ago and made changes in my diet. In December, my doc said I no longer had to take both BP pills. I attribute the decrease in meds to weight loss from drinking so many calories every night.... next up for me is to get out of the diabetes borderline category

Good Luck to you
April 1, 2011

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I had to be on blood pressure meds when I was drinking, after I quit drinking I was able to throw the pills way in a matter of 2 months. I can really control my blood pressure with exercise and diet but it is different for everyone, check in with your doctor and they can help you establish a game plan to get it under control.
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My blood pressure had been creeping up to the point that last Aug, 2011 I noticed it at about 155/110, this is while on vacation. Resting heart rate was mid 90's It stayed pretty much at this level until last week when I stopped. I measured it two days ago and I am around 143 / 97, more or less, resting heart rate mid seventies.

It is a pretty much accepted fact that alcohol, especially excessive consumption will in most cases raise your blood pressure.
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Blood pressure is what sent me to the ER.. BP is lowered while drinking, when your body kicks into withdrawals (it only took a few hours for me), it goes way up... Mine was 200/110 when I went to the hospital.. A lot of people have strokes/heart attacks from that swing because of alcohol.

Today mine is 110/70.. No medicine required.
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I had blood pressure issues while drinking (I was a binge drinker). My BP was back within normal range within a few months of quitting drinking.

Congrats on day 13!
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Not sure when I was drinking but when I sobered up from a bender, usually in the hospital, my blood pressure would be sky high. I would need a couple of different drugs to lower it.
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