Understanding Drug Addiction Symptoms

If you want to determine that someone is involved in drug abuse the he or she has to familiarize with the drug addiction symptoms which will give that person the easy way. Once you know what the signs of drug abuse are, you will be able to distinguish them from ordinary emotional ups and downs which everyone experiences from time to time.

Unexplained Fatigueone of the classic drug addiction symptoms is that a drug user often shows signs of severe fatigue at unusual times of the day. Drug users coming down from an amphetamine high, for example, may have literally gone for days without sleeping, and their bodies will simply give out. It may be a day before they awaken. A repetition of this pattern of being wide awake for an extended period and then sleeping for an extended period is a drug addiction symptom.

If someone who has been part of one circle of friends for a long time suddenly stops socializing with them and spends most of his or her time with another group, it may be to find someone who shares their substance abuse. Or, if someone drops all his or her friends and wants to be alone most of the time, it could be an attempt to hide a drug habit.

Following the MoneyIf you’re a parent who suspects your child has been stealing from you, or have a friend who you know has been borrowing, or stealing, lots of money, or shoplifting high-end items and selling them, you may be witnessing one of the worst drug addiction symptoms.

Drug abuse is a very costly habit, and because of its addictive nature, it can rob the abusers of their self-control. Stealing, lying, and other behaviors which they would never have considered before becoming addicted are now all just tools of the trade. Understanding why they are happening is not the same as condoning them, and it may impress on you the power of an addiction and the urgency of getting the addict help as soon as possible.

Drug Specific SymptomsDrug addiction symptoms will also vary according to the types of drugs tow which someone is addicted. The signs of amphetamine abuse include euphoria, rapid speech, a loss of appetite, and insomnia. Opiates like heroin or cocaine cause a decreased sensitivity to pain, sedation, confusion, and, of course, the telltale needle tracks if the user is mainlining.

Before you confront someone about drug abuse based on what you think are drug addiction symptoms, however, do everything you can to rule out other explanations; and if your suspicions are confirmed then create a plan of possible actions that can be taken for their recovery.