Drug Exploitation and Drug Addiction

Drug Abuse: Habitual use of excessive drugs to change their mood, emotion and consciousness state.

Addiction: Compulsive physiological and psychological need for a habit-forming substance

Drug abuse and addiction is a serious problem that many individuals face today. Although it is not known as to why some people turn to drugs, there are other reasons why some do. Some people turn to drugs because of pain within. It could be that they've lost a loved one and couldn't or can't deal with it, personal problems, or sometimes people can suffer from depression. Who really knows why? Only the individual. It's a sad thing to see because there is nothing you can do to help an individual with addiction until they are ready to help themselves. Sometimes they are so far gone that they are in denial. They really believe that they are not addicted and that there is nothing wrong with them and until they see it, it's nothing you can say or do.

Addiction is a difficult thing to deal with for the individual and their family. It's hard to see a loved one with an addiction. It takes a toll on all parties involved. They go through so many stages. The worst part is when they hit what we may think as rock bottom but nothing can convence them that they are ill. Once they come to the realization on their own then this is another stage they go through. Now it's time to be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation process is a slow and patient process for both the family and the individual. Addicted individual should be motivated and dedicated to the rehabilitation program.