Dimethyltryptamine Street Names

Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is a psychedelic or hallucinogenic that falls in the tryptamine family of drugs. It occurs naturally in many plants, and also in animals (and even humans, in small amounts) as the amino acid tryptophan--the same tryptophan that makes you feel tired after you eat turkey meat.

DMT in various forms has been used as a recreational drug in many cultures, including among many Amazonian Indian groups. DMT is marketed illegally under various street names, which are included here:

45 Minute Psychosis Dimethyltryptamine
AMT Dimethyltryptamine
Businessman's LSD Dimethyltryptamine
Businessman's Special Dimethyltryptamine
Businessman's Trip Dimethyltryptamine
DET Dimethyltryptamine
DMT Dimethyltryptamine; PCP
Fantasia Dimethyltryptamine